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 Discover why the traditional teaching of Christ's crucifixion taking place on a Friday and His resurrection taking place on a Sunday are completely false and out of line with the Bible. It is absolutely impossible for Christ to have died on a Friday evening and risen on a Sunday morning because the time frame for those days fail to line up with Bible prophecy and would therefore cause a failure of Bible prophecy. Discover the exact days and times of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection which are in perfect and complete harmony with Bible prophecy.


 Is Jesus White, Black or neither? Were Adam and Eve White, Black or neither? End the speculation and guesswork and discover the true color or race of Jesus with absolute certainty by rock solid evidence provided in genealogies from the Bible. There is one and only one color that and Adam and Eve could have possibly been and you can end all speculation and guesswork by knowing with absolute certainty their exact color based on biblical as well as scientific evidence.


 Discover God's position on interracial relationships from the Bible.


 Discover from the Bible which tongues are biblical and of God and which are counterfeit, unbiblical and not of God.


 Once saved, Always? Discover why the doctrine of eternal security (commonly known as once saved always saved) is both a false and very dangerous doctrine.  


 Learn how to recognize the character traits of those under the influence of the Jezebel spirit, which is a controlling and wicked spirit that is running rampant and leaving carnage and wreckage both within and outside of the Church. Find out what you absolutely must do to safeguard yourself from those having this deadly spirit.


 Discover how tithing completely contradicts giving under the New Testament Covenant and how the modern concept of tithing, which apply tithing to money rather than the biblical concept which applies it only to crops and livestock is really nothing other than a man made heresy.   


 Discover that the modern form of tithing was brought about centuries after the completion of the Bible for the sole purpose of obtaining money and that it was not practiced at all by the Early Church.   


 Discover the full truth about tithing along with over 250 lies by those who heavily promote tithing and the false teachings on prosperity.  


 Find out who the leading false prophets and false teachers are today, what they prophesy and teach and why you should reject their false prophecies and teachings.   


 Discover numerous deceptions caused by False Gospels with misleading and unbiblical teachings on Faith, Healing, Positive Thinking, Positive Confessions, Tongues, Easter and Good Friday, Eternal Security, Man’s Equality with God, Racial Division and Superiority, Right Wing Politics, Sabbath Keeping and much more!!


 Discover over 350 outstanding and rich biblical prayers and confessions which can be used repeatedly to edify, encourage, inspire and bless those who read them.     


 Get a glimpse of the wonderful blessings and inheritance that the faithful saints will eternally experience in Heaven.    


 Find our about a horrible time that is rapidly approaching which is known as the seven year tribulation period and why and how the faithful saints will be spared from it.   


 Find out what you must do to avoid the possibility of going through the seven year tribulation period or what you must do if you encounter the misfortune of missing the rapture of the Church and thus get caught up in this tribulation period.





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